Eternal Ink Solid Gold LOT G-206

Temporary prohibition of sale and use – Eternal Solid Gold – Lot.No. G-206

Lot. No.: G-206

Supplier DITTA MACCOTTA GIUSEPPE (Tattoolatina) has issued a temporary suspension on  ETERNAL INK SOLID GOLD Lot G-2-6 on the basis of the results of an analysis carried out abroad of below listed batch number. The Ministry of Health (Ministero della Sanità) has therefore requested to cross-check the respective batches in Italy. We kindly ask you to implement this precautionary measure pending the outcome of the new analysis.

Action required:
Temporary prohibition of sale and use.

This communication regarding the temporary suspension of applies only to above mentioned ink with its specific Lot. Number.

For further information Tel. +390 541 642160

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