Eternal Bumble Bee Batch No: 03.12.13 CI 21095, CI 77891

Alert number: A12/1718/14

Name: Bumble Bee

Batch number / Barcode:  Batch No: 03.12.13

Brand: Eternal Ink

Type / number of model:  CI 21095, CI 77891

Risk type: Chemical
The product poses a chemical risk because it contains the Aromatic Amines o-toluidine above the permitted level (measured value: 119 mg/kg).

According to the Council of Europe Resolution ResAP (2008) on requirements and criteria for the safety of tattoos and permanent make-up’ o-toluidine with cancerogenic effects, should neither be present in tattoos and PMU products nor released from azo-colourants.

Measures ordered by public authorities (to: Other): Ban on the marketing of the product and any accompanying measures

Description:  30 ml. bottle of yellow pigment, indicating the brand, batch and expiry date.

Date Recalled : October 20, 2014

Full Details :

Country of origin: United States

Alert submitted by: Italy