Cheyenne Ink Magenta, Pure Magenta, Dark Lilac, Purple Orchid

Recall Cheyenne Ink

The company MT.DERM GmbH and their brand CHEYENNE stand for high-quality and health-friendly tattoo products. For this purpose, they continuously adapt their internal analysis procedures to regulatory requirements and procedures.

Due to the increasing usage of laser removal tattoo treatments, they have begun to review the raw materials and colors in the overall digestion process. The total digestion method indicates that the following tattoo inks may cause the release of heavy metals above the legal limit in case of laser removal. In the extraction process the colors do not exceed the legal limit.

Nevertheless, they recall the following colors from their assortment for safety reasons:

Cheyenne Ink Magenta (F-TB026-35)
Cheyenne Ink Dark Lilac (F-TB030-35)
Cheyenne Ink Pure Magenta (F-TB076-35)
Cheyenne Ink Purple Orchid (F-TB077-35)

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