ONE Black Lot # 20110621, 20110901, 20111014, 21120104, and 20120223

Product Description:

4 oz translucent plastic bottle of – One Black Tattoo Ink. Primary Display Panel – front of squeeze bottle is labeled as follows: “***one***Ingredients: C.I.77226; C.I.74160;***proprietary; glycerin; distilled water; alcohol Net 4 fl oz. (118.4)***Warning: This product is pure pigment. application on certain individuals may cause allergic reaction, we disclaim more…

Reason for Recall:

On 11/15/2011, Kingpin Tattoo Supply, Inc. initiated a recall for the product ONE Black Tattoo Ink (4 oz. bottle) due to lab test results finding traces of a soil based bacillus type bacteria in the ink.

Product Quantity: 4904 bottles

One Black Tattoo Ink 4oz. translucent plastic bottle. Lot #’s 20110621, 20110901, 20111014, 21120104, and 20120223.

Recall Initiation Date: 11/15/2011

Full Details :