The problem with tattoo ink manufacturers

The latest 2 recalls of Intenzes ‘”Dark Brown” (LOT SS261 / MHD 09.2022) and their “Terra Di Siena” (LOT SS227 / MHD 01.2021) bring to light a real problem with tattoo ink manufacturers, or actually it may be a series of problems.

(links to the latest 2 recalls)

The reason being the exact same 2 colours mentioned were recalled almost a year ago to the day for the same reason they’re being recalled now.  Failure to comply with EU regulations on the quantity of certain chemicals/metals in their ink.

This is the link to last years recall of Intenzes’ Terra di siena, note, a different LOT number to this recall

This is the link to last years recall of Intenzes’ Dark Brown note, a different LOT number to this recall


The possible reasons for this are :

  • A mistake in their mixing of the ink and handling of ingredients.
  • The products they’re buying to make the ink don’t have a strict enough quality assurance, so their supplier can’t be trusted
  • They don’t actually give a damn about what goes in their ink because there are no real repercussions or financial penalties in place

None of these reasons are excusable but I’m going with the third option.  I mean unless their ink is tested by a third party (probably at the third parties expense) their inks don’t get recalled.  They definitely don’t seem to test each LOT/Batch because they never seem to pick up on any of it.  If an ink is recalled, how many people hear about it?  It’s probably cheaper to replace or refund anyone that does find out than it is to stick to the regulations.   Profits over safety, and I’m not singling out Intenze, this goes for all the tattoo ink manufacturers.

We’ve seen ink recall after recall, how many suppliers have alerted you?  What have the manufacturers done to alert the tattoo industry?  They’re more than happy to inundate you with their brands on social media and show off sponsored tattooers work, a single post about their product being recalled?  Crickets….

Skin irritation, allergic reactions, exposure to lead that can cause developmental neurotoxicity, hey man, just as long as it’s vegan friendly.

It’s sad to see tattooing being run by corporations that care for profits more than safety and people, it’s even more depressing that hardly anyone in the industry really cares.