About the site

The purpose of this site is to make information easily accessible to people in the tattoo industry.   There’s no real repository for recalled ink products so this site is aiming to become one.  The site is run by myself, a tattooist with an interest in the future of the industry and product we use, from both an ethical and safety point of view.

Recalls are gathered from different organisations around the world.  Being in the UK I could just stick to the EU recalls but keeping it worldwide probably makes sense because of the nomadic tendencies (on the road) of many tattooists and the supplies they pick up in different countries.  Also conventions bring suppliers from all over so keeping track of all recalls seems to cover all that.

Recalled products, inks in particular are generally recalled because the ingredients are unsafe or at unsafe levels, or even bacterial contamination of inks.  It’s pretty dangerous for both the tattooists and clients, we end up dealing with allergic reactions and in the case of bacterial contamination even infections.

There’s been a lot of change in the tattoo industry and now numbing creams/sprays and new lubricants and aftercare creams are everywhere so knowing when a product has a recall helps to make things a little safer and also if a specific brand suffers repeated recalls it says a lot about the brand/company and tattooists can adjust their buying habits accordingly.

There’s a lot of working being done by different regulating bodies all over the world towards tattooing inks and permanent makeup pigments.  More inks are being tested and changes to the allowed chemical composition of the inks are being proposed.

As the industry grows expect regulations to tighten and inks will be at the forefront of these changes.

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